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Wonder Woman | Review

Helloo there
How is everyone going? I hope it's all well and you're making the most of your holidays where ever you are! (that is if you guys are on break!) It was about time I posted something on my blog which I always tend to miss when it's been several months since my last update. Besides working and uni taking over my life, I did watch Wonder Woman at the cinemas with my family a couple days ago the moment I got a chance. However, it did have me sceptical at first since previous DC movies haven't been that great unfortunately so I hoped this movie would change that.    So now I can honestly say it was the best film I have watched in a long time that left me with an abundance of emotion.  No movie or character has ever impacted me this much to the point I felt myself tearing up at the action scenes, let alone the ones that are meant to make you cry! Perhaps it might have been due to a female lead that was strong, fearless, loving and kicking ass for what she believ…

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